Multilingual Custom Fields


Translating your WordPress website into multiple languages is one way to increase traffic and engage visitors from other countries. It may also be a requirement for your project.

In this guide, we’ll explore the basic concept of translations and a few plugins that get the job done.

Multilingual Solutions

Since version 4.0, WordPress has offered language selection within the installation process. That language then becomes the one and only language of the site.

If you want to have posts, pages, and custom post types available in multiple languages, you will need a translation plugin to handle the extra functionality. Translation plugins allow you to translate the content (often by hand, manually) into numerous other languages.

Then when your users come to the site, they can pick which language to view the post in.

WordPress are planning to add support for native multilingual functionality in phase 4 of the Gutenberg development program. Until then, plugins are the current solution.

Compatible Plugins

Luckily there’s an array of great translation plugins available for WordPress, and we’ve rounded up the top 4 along with their guides on translating custom fields with ACF.


Screenshot of WPML website

WPML is what you could call the original translation plugin. With the company founded in 2007 and with WPML now powering over 1 million websites, you’re in good hands.

Even better? Translating ACF with WPML is quick and straightforward; check out the in-depth guide here.

But how much does it cost? Starting from $29 and going up to $159 depending on the package you choose. At the time of publishing there’s no free option.

2: Polylang

Screenshot of Polylang website

Polylang is another powerhouse translation plugin that now boasts over 500,000 active users. A freemium plugin by nature — the ACF integration requires Polylang Pro.

While the translation process is straightforward, there is one caveat. Currently, their integration only works for posts and pages and does not work for options pages.

Although there is an additional plugin contributed by BeAPI that does translate the options pages using Polylang Pro.

Check out the full guide on translating ACF with Polylang here.

Pricing wise? Polylang Pro comes in at €99 for a single site license, climbing to €495 for a 25 site license pack.

3: TranslatePress

Screenshot of TranslatePress website

TranslatePress is more unique in the plugin translation world, focusing more on an easy to use front-end interface; it’s one of the most user-friendly translation plugins on the market.

Making good use of the WordPress customizer to manage and edit front-end translations, and content it also comes with both automatic and manual translations.

Meaning if you don’t know the language you can let the plugin run with it and translate for you. Should you? Most probably not if you don’t have anyone to look over it. However, it’s still a nifty feature.

Translating ACF with TranslatePress is a painless process, and they have an easy to follow guide you can check out here. 

Pricing? Coming in at €79 for a single site license without all the add-ons and climbing to €179 for the most expensive license.

4: WeGlot

Screenshot of WeGlot website

WeGlot is one of the newest translation plugins to market. Unlike every other tool we mention here, it’s a SaaS-based application that offers a WordPress plugin for translation along with support for other platforms such as Shopify.

The main unique selling point is its automated translation ability and the ability to translate any content (if it’s on your website WeGlot can translate it). Automated translations can be updated manually if you don’t feel they are word for word perfect.

Translating with WeGlot is a breeze and everything is done from the WeGlot website making management simple.
You can find a quick guide on translating Advanced Custom Fields with WeGlot here.

Pricing wise? WeGlot charges on a word count and language count. 1 language and 10,000 words will cost you €99/yr climbing to €1,990/yr for a million words and 10 languages.


Translating your ACF powered website doesn’t have to be a long slog. Thanks to the ease of use of translation plugins available you can translate your ACF powered website quickly and easily.